maximum performance  and efficiency with  predictable power

MRT´s balanced drivetrains  and complete vehicles

OEM Solutions for

light vehicles 


complete drive trains

  • Consultancy services
    • Purchase & quality support in Europe, Asia, US
    • Quality improvement for existing products
    • Frame, overall mechanics, suspension tuning
    • Prototyping
    • Mass production 
    • Testing / Certifications
    • Tuning / tuning parts for existing electrical vehicles.
    • Motor design (BLDC / IPM)
    • FOCcontroller
    • Conceptual studies

  • Turn key solutions
    • Commercial usage (rental) including IoT
    • Performance (ready to race)
    • All Terrain  (ATV)
    • Off-road / On-road
    • Special purpose
    • Charging stations, on- and off-grid via renewables. (wind/water/solar)
    • Motor BLDC / IPM
    • FOC controller, Hardware, Firmware and customization

The company’s headquarter is based in Germany, R&D and design  in Sweden, production in Europe and Asia

More than 20 years experience with successfully  launched products.

MRT GmbH & Co KG, Hauptstr. 22 D-93096 Köfering, Amtgericht: Kempten, HRB 10717, UST.-IdNr. DE272695963

CEO Prof. Dr. Uwe Hager (Politecnico CH), COO Oliver Selbach

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